Spice up your business event, wedding, party,… and let us pamper you with specialty coffee.

Have you thought about all… good food, top quality wine,… what about coffee?

Make your event unforgettable and offer your guests excellent coffee from the hands of a professional barista. Our portable espresso and brew bar allows us to provide you with exactly the same experience as you would have in a top-notch café.

Coffee is specially roasted for your event to ensure the best taste and aroma.

At your business event, home, party, wedding or at work, we serve you good coffee, hot drinks, fresh juices and snacks. Trust us with your wishes and we will prepare an offer for you.

  • Events where we organize coffee or coffee break:

    • business meeting or party,
    • marriage,
    • birthday party,
    • anniversary
    • group tasting.

The most common questions when serving coffee / coffee break

In order for coffee for caterers to fall into the specialty category, it must score more than 80 points on a 100-point scale. If the coffee is classified as specialty, it ensures the highest quality.

A feature of specialty coffees is that the coffee fruits are cherries hand-picked when fully ripe. The origin of this coffee is known. It is also known how it is fermented, what is its height of growth and variety.

YES. Our task is to make your guests and you both remember the cup of coffee forever. Our professional baristas will make your dreams come true.

Contact us for a unique offer of boutique specialty filter and espresso coffee.

Of course. Business events such as openings, celebrations, receptions for partners, seminars are our specialty. You entrust us with your coffee wishes and we make them come true.

We have a coffee cart equipped with a professional coffee machine for making espresso drinks, cappuccino, white coffee.

At your request, we can also prepare a filter coffee or cold brew and create a unique creative coffee cocktail for you, so that your event will be truly something special.

We cannot tell you the exact price, as it depends on your wishes and requirements. In any case, we guarantee that you will not regret it.

Of course. At your event we can also serve soft and alcoholic drinks and other hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, cocoa,…


Top quality coffee service is at home at this address: or phone +386 41 299 275 or the form below.


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