Good coffee in the office promotes well-being, creativity and efficiency at work. It promotes goodwill and spreads tolerant communication between co-workers.

We humans are social beings and chatting and socializing over coffee awakens in us a sense of a safe environment with people close to us. When he smells coffee in the office, all heads turn in the direction where the intoxicating smell of a soothing brown liquid of a special taste comes from. Treat yourself to it with co-workers because you deserve it.

Just ask yourself.

How many solutions to the company's problems were solved at that time? How many ideas, expressed over good coffee, did you then use and progress as a team? How much did you profit from that? But it took so little, just 30 seconds of making great coffee in a completely clean way.

  • 1. Freshly roasted coffee for your office

    A coffee break is a precious time for each individual, when they can clear their minds and gain new strength and motivation for work. Every break, even a short one, improves the quality of work and connects your community when you are together for a large part of the day.

    Because we want you to enjoy a cup of coffee in your company, which is full of aroma and rich taste, we roast coffee to order and send it to you 2 days after roasting.

  • 2. Office equipment for making top quality coffee

    During breaks, there is a relaxed and creative communication between co-workers over coffee and you need quality equipment to make good coffee.

    We can set up a real espresso bar in your premises, just like you see in a café, or you can receive an automatic coffee machine, where you can easily make top-quality coffee at the touch of a button.

Show that you value your co-workers and partners.

How much do business partners mean to you? What about co-workers and clients? They are indispensable and invaluable, aren't they? If you want to offer your business partners, colleagues or customers what they deserve, choose the Mariposa coffee line for offices.

With our unique approach to roasting from coffee, we obtain only those flavors that are hidden by the coffee bean, without the bitter and burnt aftertaste after intense roasting.

Mariposa roastery is always available

Mariposa coffee for offices is roasted in Ljubljana every Saturday and periodically to order. We deliver it freshly roasted to you. This is a great advantage and added value for your business.

We invite you to let us know your wishes and offer top quality coffee in your company: or fill out the form below.