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Coffee is our art. This is the medium we use to create something extraordinary. No matter what your skill is, what you do, what you, we hope the fruits of our art will also inspire you.

Coffee of the highest class, coffee that excites: this is our mission, passion and obsession. For the first time, you may try coffee without added sugar.

The place to relax in good company

That's what you need

Every day you need to take time for yourself to relax and enjoy. What's better than relaxing with good cup of coffee in a great company?

Everything is better with a good cup of coffee

A cup of coffee will be prepared by professional Barista, who devotes her life to coffee and makes every cup of coffee with love.

Marina Stanković

Head of cafe, barista

Our menu

Our menu

Coffee Break

Ponudba coffee break / catering – pdf

At your event we serve you coffee on a professional espresso machine. Professional barista will make you feel comfortable by preparing specialty coffee, hot drinks, signature drinks in the way you can expect only when visiting the world's finest specialty cafes.

For more information contact us at
+386 41 299 275 or klemen@kmg.si (Klemen)

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Mariposa Coffee Roasters
Kotnikova ulica 5
1000 Ljubljana

(PTC Ledina)


01 620 36 32


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