Welcome to the world of excellent coffee, where coffee becomes an indispensable part of your catering offer. Our coffee for caterers is not just a beverage; is an invaluable experience. We offer a selected range of coffee blends that satisfy even the most demanding palates. You will impress your customers with every cup of coffee you serve.

Specialty Coffee for Your Offer

Specialty coffee, premium quality coffee, is our passion. Our coffee for caterers belongs to the specialty coffee category, which means that it is the best that the world of coffee has to offer. The flavors that come from our special blends will delight your guests and help create an experience they will remember.

  • 1. Specialty coffee for wholesale

    You can choose from our specialty coffee blends, coffees from various origins, or we can create a unique coffee blend for you that will simply impress your guests.

    1. roasting coffee under your brand name
    2. coffee blend Poezija of 100% Arabica, for more sophisticated coffee drinkers
    3. coffee blend Barcoffee 100% arabica = traditional espresso coffee flavor
    4. single origin coffee

    Because we want you to serve coffee full of aroma and rich taste to guests in your bar.

specialty kava etiopija

Coffee Roasting Under Your Brand: Custom Taste

Your brand is unique, so your coffee should be too. We offer coffee roasting under your brand, which allows you to create coffee that bears your unique image.

Coffee according to your standards

By roasting coffee under your brand name, you can customize the taste and aromas of the coffee to perfectly match the philosophy of your brand. You can choose from different types of coffee beans, roast to order and packaging that reflects your aesthetic.

Comprehensive Support for Your Brand

It's not just about the coffee, it's about the experience. Our team of coffee experts will provide you with comprehensive support in the design of your coffee, from bean selection to packaging. Together we will create a coffee that faithfully reflects your brand.

Start your journey to creating coffee that will carry your brand. Contact us today to discuss your wishes and requirements and begin roasting coffee that will truly be tailored to your brand.


The "Bar Kava" coffee blend is a perfect representative of Italian espresso, characterized by an extremely creamy texture and seductive notes of dark chocolate, nuts and a delicate honey taste. Each cup is a perfect coffee experience for all coffee lovers who appreciate the rich taste and creamy texture of real Italian espresso.

Fullness of taste


The coffee blend "Poezija" takes you to a magical world with recognizable notes of cocoa, refreshing berries and gently roasted almonds. Each cup of this blend is a poetic expression that conjures up an exceptionally delicious coffee experience.

With this coffee blend, you will satisfy the true coffee enthusiast who appreciates the subtlety and complexity of flavors that each cup brings.

Fullness of taste
specialty kava etiopija

Discover Our Line of Single Origin Specialty Coffees for Restaurants

We are proud to present our unique range of Single Origin Specialty coffees, designed for diners who value superior quality and variety of flavors. Each coffee in our line tells its own story and represents a great opportunity to satisfy your customers with the best flavors from different coffee regions around the world.

Specialty Coffee for Demanding Tastes

Our line of Single Origin coffees includes coffees from the most respected coffee regions such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Brazil and many others. Each region offers unique flavors that are reflected in the coffee. From the floral flavor of Ethiopia to rich Colombian coffee, you will offer your customers a variety that will delight them.

Help with Selection

Our expert team will help you choose the coffee from the Single Origin line that best suits your catering offer. Together we will find coffees that will impress your guests and strengthen your reputation.

Contact us today to ensure that your catering offer always stands out and satisfies the most demanding tastes.

  • 2. Comprehensive Support for Restaurateurs

    From coffee cups and coffee machines to equipment service - we have everything you need for a perfect coffee experience in your catering business. A reliable partner for caterers who appreciate comprehensive support.

  • 3. Education for your employees

    In addition to premium coffee, we offer you the opportunity to train your employees to become real baristas and learn the art of latte art. We encourage growth and passion for coffee and help create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Let's build a top coffee destination together.

The most common questions in the supply of coffee

Strengthen your coffee offer with specialty coffee, high-quality coffee machines and training for baristas. Make sure you offer a variety of coffee drinks.

Specialty coffee offers unique flavors, which attracts more demanding customers. You can offer variety to your guests and emphasize your uniqueness.

Yes, we offer training for baristas, where they can learn how to prepare coffee and latte art, which improves the quality of drinks and adds value to your offer.

Yes, we provide coffee machine maintenance and service to ensure your equipment is working flawlessly.

We offer freshly roasted specialty coffee, coffee machines, custom coffee blends and coffee accessories such as mugs, mugs and more.

We tailor the rollout of our products and equipment to your needs, but we strive to get you up and running as soon as possible to satisfy your customers.

Yes, our services are adapted to both small and large catering establishments. We have solutions for everyone.

Prices are formed according to the selection of products, the scope of the order and other specific needs. Our team will help you choose solutions that fit your budget.


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