Offer for owners of restaurants, hotels and bars

Do you know you are paying a high price for bad coffee? Change that today.

Why serve mediocre coffee to customers for a high price when you can offer the best coffee in town for a good price? In every bar, the selection of coffees is the most important decision. Great coffee is your trademark. Our offer for restaurant, hotel and bar owners is an opportunity to change that and provide your customers with great coffee that tastes the best. Surprise them.

The corona shook the catering market and in this way formed our new approach in designing the offer for caterers. We faced reality and searched for the most optimal solution for how the hospitality industry could improve business results.

We tried and discarded many ideas. Not because they were bad, but because we were aware that in impossible conditions, restaurateurs primarily need to reduce business costs when purchasing coffee, which we noticed with our business partners.

How do you save 15,000 euros?

In this approach, the Mariposa coffee roaster differs from other providers and suppliers of coffee for caterers. We created a business model that is unique on the Slovenian market and allows you freedom and control over the purchase price of coffee. This is how an offer was created for owners of restaurants, hotels and bars, which takes care of saving on the purchase of the best-selling item in the hospitality industry, which is coffee. And how did we do it?

The average restaurateur pays €24.00 for a kilogram of roasted coffee, and if he sells an average of 25 kg of coffee per month, his annual cost for coffee is €7,200.00. The coffee suppliers bind him with a contract for a period of 5 years, so his cost for coffee in 5 years amounts to €36,000.00. The price paid by the caterer usually includes the rental of appliances and other tools for work, such as a coffee machine, a coffee grinder, cups and a water softener. What do you say if we tell you that you can save €15,000 or more in 5 years with our business model, without losing anything?

Innovative free market business model

We believe that you are interested in what our business model looks like and how it is possible to save over €15,000 in 5 years? We are happy to tell you.

We have created a business model where you decide the costs. This means that you tell us what kind of coffee you want to have, how much you are willing to pay for the coffee, and how it should taste. Based on yours, we will find samples of suitable coffee, roast it and invite you to try it. In this way, you will be able to decide which coffee will impress your guests and which you want to have on offer. You will be able to order coffee on the fly, determine the quantity yourself and you will not be bound, because we value the free market.

Would you like free advice on coffee selection?

With the help of our rich experience and innovative marketing approach, together with you we will discover the possibilities of how to improve your catering offer. We help you choose your coffee and transfer top-notch professional knowledge about preparing top-quality coffee to you and your team.

Get in touch with us and get an offer that will save you over €15,000.