Are you a caterer and need coffee? We offer freshly roasted coffee for caterers, which will inspire your guests to return with pleasure.

  • 1. Freshly roasted coffee for caterers

    You can choose from our top-quality coffee blend, various originating coffees, or we can create a unique coffee blend for you that will simply impress your guests.

    Because we want you to serve coffee in your bar full of aroma and rich taste. We roast coffee to order and send it to you 2 days after roasting.


    To make good coffee you need quality equipment. With us you get above-standard espresso machines and coffee grinders from Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli, a top-quality water filter system from BWT (Best Water Technology) and small inventory (cups, sugar, pots to go,…)

  • 3. Training for employees

    The difference between you and your competition is the educated staff. We make sure that your staff receives the right information for the preparation of top-quality espresso, how to properly froth milk and delight the guest with a latte art pattern.


    We provide va, professional service of coffee machines. Quick response time is what saves your company money and allows for smooth operation and coffee service in your bar.

Satisfy demanding guests

If your guests are like ours, demanding and tasteful, then offer them top quality coffee for caterers. This will make you stand out from the average and make a big impression on others. Coffee for caterers is an ideal solution.

With our unique approach to roasting from coffee, we obtain only those flavors that are hidden by the coffee bean, without the bitter and burnt aftertaste after intense roasting.

Mariposa roastery is always available

Mariposa coffee for caterers is roasted in Ljubljana every Saturday and periodically to order. We deliver it freshly roasted to you. This is a great advantage and added value for your business in the specialty coffee market.

We invite you to let us know your wishes and serve top quality coffee for caterers in your bar: or fill out the form below.