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Guatemala el Puente, washed

On this farm they grow and produce coffee with a very big heart and think of the end customer. The variety and care on the plots of his farms ensures the unique and delicious coffees that coffee from Guatemala possesses.

Tasting notes wild berries, apricot, peach, caramel

Roasting style: light

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Since 1958, the Vides family has been a coffee maker, and Jorge is now the third generation. The farm is located on fertile volcanic soils rich in clay and scepter, which allows the production of high quality coffee. They produce three varieties of coffee: Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai, giving the cup an extremely aromatic taste.

VARIETYCaturra, Catuai, Bourbon
PROCESSFully washed, 36 hours fermentation
ALTITUDE1600 meters
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Huehuetenango is located in the rocky western plateau of Guatemala, bordering Mexico. Thanks to the altitude and diverse microclimate of this mountainous area, Huehuetenang coffee is known worldwide for its bright and crunchy acidity.

Huehuetenango lies in the mountains of Los Cuchumatanes, whose highest point is known as “La Torre”, which reaches almost 3800 meters above sea level. Of Guatemala’s three non-volcanic coffee-growing areas, Huehuetenango is the tallest and driest cultivated. Due to the dry, hot winds blowing into the mountains from the Mexican plain of Tehuantepec, the region is protected from frost, allowing coffee to be grown in Huehuetenang up to 2,000 meters. The cold, crisp winds from Cuchumatanes help calm the temperature, which ranges from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.