Kenya AA

Weight 200 g

Quality score: 87.70

Tasting notes
Mature lemon / Rose / Orange flower / Honey / Spices


  • Country
  • Region
  • Farm
    Small Scale Farms

Coffee specifications

  • Variety
    Sl 28, Sl 34, Ruiru 11
  • Process
  • Harvest
    May - September
  • Elevation
    1500 – 1700 meters


Kenya produces some of the most exquisite coffee in the world. The best Kenyan coffees have a sparkling acidity, juicy mouthfeel, and incredible floral aromatics, and with complex ripe fruit flavours and intense sweetness.

In Kenya’s central highlands east of the great Rift Valley lies the coffee growing region of Kiambu, Kenya. Here at the foothills of the Aberdare ridge, soils are red, volcanic, and rich in organic matter. Due to the temperate climate and friendly rainfall (some say Kiambu means “place of drizzles”), coffee farmers enjoy two harvests. The lighter “Fly” crop comes in May-July, while the heavier main crop ripens September-December.

Coffees from Kiambu are most often named for the areas within the region--i.e. Thika, Limuru, Ruiru. Much of Kiambu is composed of large estates with an eye to quantity production. That said, small holders and their cooperative organizations are alive and well, offering growers a better option than selling their cherries through the large operations. Instead, they bring them to their own mills for processing, and are able to obtain a fair price for them at auction.


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