specialty kava brazilija

Brazil Macaubas de Baixo, natural

A charming coffee from Brazil that delights with pleasant notes of dark chocolate in a combination with green apple and exceptional full body. You could say it’s quite romantic.

Tasting notes walnut, dark chocolate, apple, marzipan

Roasting style: medium

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In 2000, Ronaldo and his father bought a small piece of land together and started growing coffee. He strived to produce quality coffee and with the support of his wife and children he also achieved this. Its coffees are extremely full of flavor that will simply enchant you.

PRODUCERRonaldo Ferreira
REGIONCerrado Mineiro
ALTITUDE950 meters
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The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in the northwest of Minas Gerais, is a world-renowned, high-quality origin for coffee production and became the first protected geographical indication in Brazil in 2005, with a full designation of origin in 2013. Today, 4,500 farmers in the area produce an average 6 million bags per harvest, and an average of 35 bags per hectare. In order to achieve these levels of production, producers first had to adapt to the situation in the region.

Coffee growers first arrived in Cerrado in the 1970s after frost pushed them out of the state of Paraná and out of the state of São Paulo due to nematodes. They found that the soil in Cerrad was very acidic, which they repaired by applying calcium and creating the healthy soil they enjoy today.