specialty kava kolumbija

Columbia Monteblanco, Washed

Colombian coffees are simply adored for their clean and pleasant taste. In the cup you will notice the pleasant flavors of dried apricots, raisins, grapes and the delicate creamy taste of walnuts and milk chocolate.

Tasting notes dried fruits, nuts, milk chocolate

Roasting style: light/medium

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Monteblanco is a third-generation family farm now run by the Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia tradition. The coffee is left to ferment for 28 to 32 hours, taken with clean water, then transferred to a solar dryer for a few days and placed in shaded raised beds for the drying process.

PRODUCERRodrigo Sanchez Valencia
ALTITUDE1730 mnv

Monteblanco Farm is located high along the winding mountain roads of Vereda La Tocora in the municipality of San Adolfo above Pitalito. It covers 18 acres on the ridge of the hill, with a mill and dryer at the top of the farm and a slope of coffee planted below it.

In 2002, Rodrigo participated in a local program that taught children of coffee makers in a cup. Before that, he and his family had never thought about coffee based on the profile of the cup. By learning to distinguish profiles, they were able to establish connections with their father and grandfather between the agricultural techniques they used and the attributes of the coffee in the cup.

Rodrigo is proud that he, his wife Claudia Samboni, farm manager Don Gerardo and the team working in the field and in the mill have achieved the goal of achieving consistent quality.

Finca Monteblanco produces microlots every harvest that serve as competing coffees around the world, but the farm also consistently produces containers of delicious coffees that appear year-round on cafeteria menus and on store shelves.

By applying the ethics of strict monitoring, planning and management of each phase of production and processing, all Monteblanco coffees show their full potential.