E1 Prima

The espresso machine will bring you the same experience as any other machine from the VICTORIA ARDUINO family. It was designed to be compact and to make specialtyt coffee. A new way to prepare and enjoy espresso coffee. Prima is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine that opens up a new way of living and perceiving the coffee experience.

Dedicated to

  • Families
  • Offices
  • Smaller cafes and bars
  • Hotels and B&Bs

5.700,00 (incl. tax)

Available on backorder

Delivery time: 6 weeks

victoria arduino espresso eagle one prima



The NEO engine uses an instant heating system with a unique insulating mechanism that reduces not only heat dissipation but also energy consumption. It works almost instantly and allows only the required amount of water to be heated for extraction, thus reducing energy-related costs.

Productivity and capacity remain high, but consumption is significantly reduced. The LCA * (life cycle assessment) showed how the Eagle One for the 23% had a lower environmental impact compared to a machine of the same category.


It is possible to set the temperature and view the extraction time along with steam and hot water from the app. You can create recipes and share them with the community. All the functions of a professional device at your fingertips, controlled by a user-friendly and simple application.

Technical specifications

  • power 1600 - 2600 W
  • voltage 115 - 230 V


  • width 411 mm
  • height 379 mm
  • depth 511 mm