Mariposa training center is a space for training and coaching. Our goal is to connect you with the wonderful world of coffee. Scroll down and find the workshop workouts and dates that suit you!

To ensure the safety of our participants, we have a secure Covid-19 plan in place. For more details, please contact

Latte art

The course is intended for anyone who wants to learn the art of drawing over coffee. You will learn the techniques of drawing with milk after coffee and create amazing patterns.

Barista Basics

A basic course for anyone who would like to gain knowledge of the basics of the professional environment of a professional barista. The course consists of theoretical and practical work.


We organize a course for you, where you will learn how to make filter coffee or on an espresso machine. We will teach and show you the basic techniques for proper coffee preparation with different methods.

Individual counseling & training

In order to offer your service at the highest level, we offer you individual advice: