MDJ On Demand

MDJ on demand is the professional grinder that ensures a high quality grind for high sales settings. The micrometric grind regulation makes it extremely precise in obtaining the desired result.

Dedicated to

  • Quiet
  • Micrometric regulation
  • External volumetric dose regulation
  • Manual dosing

The silent, robust and precise doser-grinder

MDJ is the high quality professional grinder. It’s the ideal machine for high sales settings.

The MDJ coffee grinder highlights quiet operation as one of its innovative features, along with its ergonomic design and other advanced technologies focused on quality and precision in the ground dose. MDJ is designed to expel all the coffee from the grinding chamber leaving no residue, guaranteeing ground coffee that is always fresh and consistent quality over time.


MDJ has a new system of positioning the mechanical parts inside the body, that insulates the motor and thus cuts sound emissions.


With its entirely stainless steel body, MDJ is a very robust grinder that lasts over time.


MDJ has a micrometric grind setting at continuous intervals that ensures extreme precision in the desired grind.


The portafilter lock system radically improves the work of the barista and the efficiency of the setting.


Reliable, safe and equipped with a full range of technological solutions, MDJ ensures a perfect grind.

Dimension W×H×D215 × 605 × 350
Power230 V/575W 115V/750 W
Voltage230/380 V (50/60 hz) 115 V (60 hz)
Hopper capacity1,6 kg
Grinder diameter75 mm
Weight16 kg

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