MDXS On Demand

The MDXS coffee grinder (up to 1.5 kg of ground coffee per day)highlights quiet operation as one of its innovative features, along with ergonomic design and other advanced technologies aimed at quality and precision in the ground dose.

Dedicated to

  • Settings with medium sales volume
  • Coffee corners
  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels and restaurants

The coffee grinder that you can’t hear

Another goal of Victoria Arduino on the MDXS was to make the technical intervention process easier and quicker. These qualities make it even more reliable and reduce maintenance costs.

The MDXS coffee grinder highlights its quiet operation as one of its innovative characteristics, along with ergonomic design and other advanced technology aimed at producing quality and precision in the ground dose. The new features that have been added to the MDXS coffee grinder are the flat 65mm burrs and the lid with ventilation holes.


Development work by Nuova Simonelli has enabled the creation of the ‘Silent-block’ system on the body of the grinder which reduces noise. The “Silent-block” technology eliminates vibrations, and thus combines the pleasure of a good cup of espresso with the wellbeing of a silent setting.


The portafilter locking system has a particularly ergonomic design, thus radically improving the work of the barista and the efficiency of the setting.


The funnel system, designed and created to enable the coffee powder to flow out smoothly from the grinding chamber, reduces residue and guarantees constant quality over time.


The new ventilation system ensures high quality grinding and a constant temperature, thus preserving the fragrance of the coffee, also thanks to the 65 mm burrs.


Another feature to which Nuova Simonelli devoted its attention when designing the MDXS model was to make any technical intervention easier and quicker. This means maximum reliability and low maintenance costs.

Dimension W×H×D212 × 585 × 290
Power500-750 W
Voltage10-220 V
Hopper capacity1,6 kg
Grinder diameter65 mm
Weight21 kg

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