Mythos 1

Mythos One is the ideal companion for every professional espresso coffee machine. It’s an indispensable piece of equipment for any barista who wants to be sure that he/she is offering top quality.

Dedicated to

  • Premises with high sales volumes
  • Food-service settings
  • Coffee shops
  • Coffee corners
mythos-one victoria arduino

The new generation of on-demand grinders. Tradition meets innovation.

Materials and finishing touches that make the difference, advanced technologies, and smart details. Mythos 1 is incomparable for its innovative Clima Pro technology and Clump Crush system. They are both functional methods that guarantee a constant dose regulating the outflow and raise the quality of the extracted coffee.

Mythos 1 is an on-demand grinder that focuses on two technologies able to improve the extraction quality of the coffee. It is extremely precise, pays attention to not produce excess waste, is acoustically comfortable, and is simple to use.


This technology has a big impact on the constancy of doses, so with the innovative ‘Clima Pro’ technology contained in Mythos One Victoria Arduino has introduced a smart way to manage the temperature in the grinding chamber. It ensures constant doses and, especially, better quality extraction in the espresso. From a technological perspective, armed with the ‘Clima Pro’ system, the Mythos One on-demand grinder goes to the number one spot.


The innovative ‘Clump Crusher’ system ensures, with any type of coffee, a regular flow mass which, on the one hand, avoids the creation of clumps in the coffee and, on the other, prevents static electricity in the ground coffee particles.


One of the best and most practical ergonomic solutions for the work of the barista: reduced stress on the wrist which is subjected to repetetive actions, and ease of use at the filling stage.


The new display panel provides full control over every operation. The LED lights illuminate the operative section also in dark settings.


Nanotech coating enables the modification of the molecular characteristics of the stainless steel, just like titanium, ensuring maximum hygiene and, at the same time, simplifying the cleaning work of the barista.Nanotech coating also affects the longevity of the burrs themselves both in terms of performance and of reliability.The result? The grinder lasts longer.


This feature makes the doser-grinder more silent than it has ever been. Annoying and continuous noises are eliminated, thus providing acoustic comfort for the benefit of the setting and its guests.

Dimension L×H×P188 × 510 × 400
Power230 V / 800 W 115 V / 950 W
Voltage230 V (50/60Hz) 115 V (60Hz)
Hopper capacity1,3 kg
Grinder diameter75 mm
Weight23 kg

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