Mythos 2

Mythos 2 improves its performance with a totally aluminium body and double fan at the rear that provides faster motor cooling. The design is notable for its curved lines contrasted with square-shaped volumes. The coffee dispensing section is still the most aggressive part, with highly technical details. The very practical control section fits in perfectly with the design.

Dedicated to

  • Champion baristas
  • Professionals
  • Premises with high sales volumes
  • Coffee corners
  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels and restaurants
mythos-2 Victoria Arduino

Mythos 2, the next generation grinder that guarantees and combines the highest consistency of the result with the highest productivity. Thanks to Gravitech and Clima Pro 2.0 technologies, Mythos 2 is the most advanced grinder on the market.

With Mythos 2 we have reinvented the rules beyond the boundaries of grinding control in terms of temperature stability, precision and increased production.


The new Clima Pro 2.0 system provides maximum temperature stability (with the choice of a range between 30° and 50° C), throughout the grinding phase. This feature means constant quality.


The variable speed of Mythos 2 guarantees optimal grinding conditions for every single variety of coffee and reliably preserves its aroma The patented energy saving system provides consistent speed and keeps temperature under control.


With Mythos 2, Victoria Arduino has developed a grinding chamber with 85mm Nanotech burrs that speeds up hourly production. The special propeller, positioned to precede the burrs, ensures constant coffee pressure thus producing maximum consistency. Faster service without compromising the quality of the coffee.


The coffee dispensing section is still the most aggressive part, with highly technical details. The control section (touch display with three dispensing buttons). Mythos 2 is completely customisable. It’s unique in its ability to adapt to every personality.


This feature makes the doser-grinder more silent than it has ever been. Annoying and continuous noises are eliminated, thus providing acoustic comfort for the benefit of the setting and its guests.


The dose of ground coffee produced is measured by its actual weight in the quantity necessary to enter the filter directly. This system patented by Nuova Simonelli guarantees maximum precision and consistency. The barista will be able to work in complete tranquillity to offer the customer always an excellent espresso, whatever the variety of coffee used.

Dimension L×H×P202 × 518 × 416
Power750-650 W
Voltage10-220 V
Hopper capacity2 kg
Grinder diameter85 mm
Weight21 kg

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