Victoria Arduino – VA358 Black Eagle

Black Eagle is the espresso coffee machine designed for those people that dedicate themselves to coffee and that everyday study, research, and experiment to brew excellent coffee and provide a unique experience. From 2015, it is the official machine of the World Barista Championship.


In a coffee machine, the temperature has a vital role because it strongly influences the quality of the espresso coffee. A stable temperature guarantees consistent and excellent results. But how? Even in this case, after applied researches and experiments in collaboration with exceptional baristas, we were able to find a solution that lets the user control every single parameter. That is how T3 is born, a technology that allows the user to set three temperatures: brewing, water infusion, and steam. What is the result? Accuracy control of the dispensed water which means stable temperature and a high-quality result in the cup. All this is also thanks to an electronic system composed of temperature, PID, and pressure probes.


The TFT display, with a rotary switch menu, permits the barista to have full control of the machine. Every group has its display situated right above it and provides the user information about various data like the steam, coffee and group temperatures, brewing times, and amount of liquid in the cup.


Versionvolumetric, gravimetric
Dimension LxHxPmm 825x490x695 inches 32 8/16”x 19 5/16”x27 6/16”
Voltage208-240V 50-60Hz | 380TRIF 50Hz
Hopper capacity14 lt.
Coffee boiler capacity0,7 lt.
Gross weight105kg/231lb


Versionvolumetric, gravimetric
Dimension LxHxPmm 1075x490x695 inches 42 5/16”x 19 5/16”x27 6/16”
Voltage208-240V 50-60Hz | 380TRIF 50Hz
Hopper capacity17,3 lt.
Coffee boiler capacity0,7 lt.
Gross weight130kg/286lb

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